Are you ready for complete drupalization in Lviv?

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Finally Lviv Euro DrupalCamp is officially announced! To be honest, this event for us is just like Christmas for kids :) It’s so pleasant to organize everything, prepare surprises and have this incredible anticipation of a really special event where you can meet old friends, make new acquaintances, and, of course, have plenty of unforgettable ​​emotions.
Would you like to know what we have prepared for you on the 4th Lviv Euro DrupalCamp on October 17-18? We will lift the veil of mystery and tell you some of our secrets:
This year we plan three streams of reports. All participants will find something interesting for themselves.
Tradition above all! As is customary, all participants will gather for a pre-party, where they will communicate, get acquainted and have fun!
And here is a very special part of our event :) Everyone will have the opportunity to take part in the unique quest. We guarantee that you’ve never seen Lviv from such an angle!
We hope that we have really intrigued you :) Do not waste time and buy a ticket to visit Lviv on the merry Drupal weekend. By the way, for the first 50 tickets are offered at a special price (300 UAH).
Interesting news and intriguing details about Lviv Euro DrupalCamp do not end!
To be continued ... :)