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Do you know what’s hot for <a href="http://www.womenwigsstore.com/wigs-cosplay-wigs-c-1_14.html">Cosplay Wigs</a>, now? Maybe you have saw so many Daenerys Hairstyles on Instagram, YouTube even Amazon… today, I want to share one daenerys wigs which have hot sale for years, especially on Halloween Season, her name is Becky: 1. I’m super blonde now. This is my first front laced wig so I don’t have much to compare it to. I used to be a double process blonde and while I am growing out the damage I wanted something a little longer and femme to wear once in a while. I have to say, this wig is pretty thick from top to bottom, and seems quality. I combed it a bunch of times while styling it and there was little to no shedding. Upon arrival it came nicely wrapped in a box with tissue paper and a little rose scented packet to keep the wig smelling nice. In the box there was even a little beige mesh cap to keep your real hair in place. It was easy to cut the lace, adjust the sides, and get it situated on my head. As far as the color and style goes this is very long. I am 5 ’7″ if that helps the scale of my photos. The color, it’s very white, like a Barbie doll. I wanted to stay away from the cosplay look but this is a very bold blonde so be aware before purchasing. The shine is minimal and probably would achieve a spot-on realistic affect if dry shampoo was applied. Over all this was a very good purchasing experience and I see myself buying more wigs like this in the future. 2. Very beautiful color, silky texture. <a href="http://www.womenwigsstore.com/wigs-short-wigs-c-1_25.html">Short Wigs</a>. The cap is very well constructed, full cap inside, this is a huge deal with me. A good cap makes all the difference. Wig doesn’t seem to tangle badly for me, minimal shedding upon trying it on. It will tangle some, but it’s silky enough to brush out easily. It will take some work to play around to get it to look more natural. I took a picture after it arrived to include here. I do wish it was a bit less dense, it’s a lot of hair, I may have to thin it out some. Lace front also. The wig comes with a wig cap to go under, it’s comfy, really liked it. Also a really great brush is included! Nice touch there. All in all a really nice quality wig. 3. This is a good <a href="http://www.womenwigsstore.com/wigs-full-lace-wigs-c-1_18.html">Full Lace Wigs</a>. I used it for my Daenerys cosplay, and it looked very natural… well as natural as a platinum wig can. It is really heavy, though, and almost too full. It is hard to style (admittedly I am a beginner when it comes to wigs) because there is so much hair and its hard to get it to stay when pinned. The lace front looks very natural, though, and I got a few people asking if it was my real hair. I also appreciated the wig caps and the wig brush that came with it. It was a nice added bonus to not have to go buy those items. 4. Absolutely breathtaking unit! So in love the hair is nice and thick so you can’t see any tracks through the back its the perfect length i love long hair its got perfect waves to give it a lil extra volume i was skeptical of buying it because ive had bad experiences before didnt want to waste my money but let me tell u …def worth the price i will be purchasing units from UniWgs from now on just love them and it said it would make it between feb12 to 22 but got it in 3 days ?? noticed they switched it to prime yayy will be buying more from this seller posting pics soon. 5. This wig is the first lace front wig i have bought and it was an amazing choice! The hair is thick and very long which is exactly what i wanted on it. It looks amazing and stays on very well. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is unsure. It did shed a bit when i first brushed it out but that was likely to me cutting a bit too far back on the lace. The shipping was incredibly fast as well, i ordered this on the second and got it on the 5th. 6. This wig is fabulous! I bought it for cosplaying daenerys from game of thrones and it works perfectly. I ’m very picky with wigs and I can honestly say that it is amazing. It is thick and dosnt show netting and is easy to adjust. I say don’t hesitate to buy it. It also dosnt look too fake like most wigs; it would look real if you just walked down the street. Only thing is you need to get a skin color wig cap because that will somewhat show through on top. <a href="http://www.womenwigsstore.com/wigs-human-hair-wigs-c-1_3.html">Human Hair Wigs</a>