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We guarantee you will enjoy the stunning atmosphere of Lviv Euro Drupal Camp! Just imagine having so many Drupal gurus all gathered in one place! It doesn't matter whether you are a front end or back end developer, web designer, QA engineer or manager - everyone will find topics of their interest and sessions to their liking.

If you are interested in HighLoad Projects, you just can’t miss out on these reports: “Big Drupal: Issues We Met” and “Monitoring on Huge Drupal Site. Tools and Tips”. For inveterate front end developers the hosts have prepared reports, like “Isomorphic js? Shared js with react.js” and “How to Help Designers and Drupal Developers Become Friends”. If you are seeking to enrich your knowledge in the domain of testing, you are more than welcome to participate in “Drupal Sites Testing With the Help of TqExtension - Practice” session. You will have an awesome opportunity to listen to a talk on non-technical aspects of Drupal titled “Notes after Notes - Drupal Future and Drupal Now” or “Evolving from Freelancers to Company Stage”. Enthusiastic about Drupal themes? Then, you may attend “How to Easy and Fast Create Drupal Themes Using on Sass && Susy”. Click here for more information about the schedule and reports.

Now, here comes the super special treat! If you haven’t been to DrupalCon, then it’s coming to you. As you probably know, two of our guys, Andrii Podanenko and Yuriy Gerasimov, gave talks at Barcelona DrupalCon 2015 this past week. And now, they are ready to share some of their cool major ideas with us and have their say in contemporary web trends. You don’t want to miss it, huh? “CIBox - Full Stack Open Source Continuous Integration Flow” and “Delayed Operations with Queues” are the topics of their reports respectively.